Visiting the College

The College welcomes a close partnership with parents and therefore encourages parental visits to the College. Prospective parents and pupils are welcome to arrange an appointment to view the school.  The school will be open for visits by parents and transferring pupils on:-

Saturday 26th January 2013, from 9.30am – noon.

Tuesday 29th January  2013 from 7pm to 9pm.

General Information

Ulidia is an Integrated College, founded by local parents, and opened in September 1997. The College is breaking the mould in providing a planned, integrated, all-ability, co-educational education in the East Antrim area, accepting pupils from North Belfast to Glenarm and beyond. The Board of Governors is committed to the maintenance of a balanced enrolment of the two major Christian traditions with a similar balance being maintained amongst staff and Governors.

 Mission Statement:                       

‘Educating together, Catholics and Protestants, and those of other religions, or none, in an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance to the highest academic standards’.

The College and the Curriculum

The College has high expectations of all its pupils, both in behaviour and in attitude to work. Prospective pupils will be encouraged to maximise their potential, academically, socially and personally. As an effective all-ability school, able learners achieve high GCSE and ‘A’ Level grades, and all learners leave the College with qualifications that are useful for their future careers.

The College follows a policy of continuous assessment and examinations with parents kept informed of their child’s progress in all subjects, through a comprehensive record of achievement provided for each student. Religious Education lessons will follow the agreed Northern Ireland programme of study. Parents who wish to have specific religious education provision for their child may discuss it with the Principal. Parents are welcome at all times to discuss their child’s academic development with the Deputy Principal.

The college moved to its new building in 2001 situated on 18 acres of land overlooking Belfast Lough. The buildings are equipped to the highest standard possible and include four ICT suites, two Art Studios; a custom designed Drama suite, two technology labs; two home economics suites and a sixth form centre.


The College adopts a child-centred approach to education, believing strongly in the self-esteem of the individual. Class sizes are usually less than 23 students providing greater opportunity for each child to be educated according to his/her educational needs. Resources and teaching strategies are organised to accommodate the all-ability nature of the College. School uniform is compulsory.

Our Commitment to Parents and Pupils

The Board of Governors is committed to providing a school:-

  • Where your faith and tradition are valued and respected, and where your child also learns to understand and tolerate other traditions
  • Where your child will be valued and respected as an individual
  • With well qualified staff providing a quality education and offering a wide variety of co-curricular activities
  • Where children of all abilities are helped to maximise their potential
  • With an atmosphere that is friendly and disciplined, caring and respectful
  • That is fully committed to working in partnership with parents.

Parental Involvement

As parents founded Ulidia Integrated College, their participation in the life of the College is actively sought and cherished. Parental involvement in co-curricular activities is strongly encouraged. The Parents’ Council is open to all parents, with teachers and parents having elected nominees on the Board of Governors of the College. The Parents’ Council informs and advises the Board of Governors on parent opinion and matters of concern to the parents.

Pastoral Care and the Individual Needs of the Students

Ulidia Integrated College is a child-centred College, in which the broad aim of the pastoral system is to ensure that all pupils benefit extensively from their school experience. All teachers within the College assist in the pastoral dimension by providing the caring atmosphere for pupils and by being sensitive to the needs and difficulties of the individual child. Each class is assigned a Form Tutor who has responsibility for, and takes special interest in, the individual members of the class. Parents are welcome at all times to discuss their child’s development with either their Year Co-ordinator or the Pastoral Co-ordinator

Carrickfergus Learning Community

Ulidia Integrated College is a member of the Carrickfergus Learning Community