Year 12 & 14 Leavers Assembly

Year 12 & 14 Leavers Assembly

Dear Parents / Carers / Staff / Governors / Friends…

but more importantly, Year 12 and Year 14 Pupils of Ulidia Integrated College – this is particularly for you!

As you know, we usually bring all the year 12s together with their parents and celebrate finishing compulsory education, and give some advice for the future, exam last minute reminders, their are usually a few hugs and tears (joy and sadness!), but we can’t do that this year. Year 14 we  usually would get together in the 6th form centre, take a few pictures, give out leavers hoodies, have some pizza… but we can’t.

There are messages from lots of staff at the end of my assembly (how brilliant, an assembly you can actually fast forward…) for both year 12s and year 14s. 

We are so disappointed not to be able to finish this journey with you the way we wanted to, but we will see lots of 5th form back into 6th form, and will hear lots about our successful Year 14s through the Alumni pages on the website.

We are proud of you, we miss you greatly, and we can’t wait to see what adventures your futures hold.

Take care

M Houston