Jenny Ford – Future Secured

Jenny Ford – Future Secured

Name: Jenny Ford

Year Left: 2004

Subjects: Chemistry, Biology, RE

Occupation: Biomedical Scientist currently employed by the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service as the Quality Control Laboratory Manager

Pathway to Success: First Class Honours degree Biomedical Science Ulster University. Master of Science in Biomedical Science with a specialism in Haematology and Transfusion. Biomedical Science President’s Prize for highest final year marks, Robert Wishart Laboratory Services Prize for top research project scientific paper.

Best memories of Sixth Form: Chemistry was the most challenging of my chosen A Level subjects but also the most enjoyable and I have Mr Glass to thank for that. Throughout the entirety of my academic and professional career I have had countless professors, lecturers, teachers and mentors but Mr Glass remains the best teacher I have ever had the privilege of being taught by and I am very thankful to him for his commitment and dedication to the school and us his pupils.

Why study sixth form at Ulidia: because the teachers are passionate, dedicated and very much invested in their pupils. I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of exceptional teachers because they are often the people that help you realise and achieve your full potential.

Why do you think students should follow a science based pathway: The field of science is such a vast and ever evolving area with new discoveries and developments happening all the time and for me a science-based pathway seemed challenging and exciting with good job prospects.

Aspirations for the Future: I am starting a new job as an Advanced Stem Cell Scientist in the next few weeks. I recently completed the Australian Institute Medical Laboratory Scientist Professional Examination in London, which will allow me to work as a medical scientist in Australia. Although everything is on hold for now due to the pandemic, I am hopeful that my family and I will get the opportunity to live in Australian at some point in the future.

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