Shawn Clarke – Future Secured

Shawn Clarke – Future Secured

Name: Shawn Clarke

Year Left: 2012

Subjects: Photography, Moving Image Arts and ICT 

Occupation: Sales at Cisco Systems

Pathway to Success: Sixth Form – BA Fashion Promotion and Advertising in London at UAL – Ravensbourne, Founding member of Integrated AlumNI, Assistant Office Manager – Lifestyle TV UK/Spain, Operations – Fashion start-up made to measure menswear UK, Sales – Cisco Systems UK/DACH.

Best memories of Sixth Form: Meeting your lifelong friends and the amazing fun environment the staff created for us is invaluable.

Why study sixth form at Ulidia:Sixth form at Ulidia provides the creative freedom to specialise and build a foundation for your future success. It is imperative to have the guidance provided by the staff within this integrated ethos to build the origins of your career. 

Aspirations for the Future: To be successful in business and investing, but most of all to live life to the fullest!

Any other information that you think may be relevant: The best advice I’ve ever received was from my Year Head Mrs McBride at Ulidia “are you living or existing?”, if you are ever unsure about a decision, ask yourself that question and I promise you, you’ll have an amazing journey in life!

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