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Keep in Touch

We’d love you to stay in touch! Let us know your latest news, share your memories and give us your feedback. Find friends you miss and reconnect with other alumni. Register on our Alumni database to keep up-to-date with upcoming events.

Alumni destinations

We have an established alumni who prove that Ulidia Integrated College offers a firm foundation for success, and who feel they were best prepared for working in a multicultural society because they were taught in an Integrated setting. The range of degree subjects and institutions our students continue their education in are a positive reflection of how Ulidians have the opportunity to follow their passions and find the courses that are right for them.

The vast majority of our 6th form students aspire go on to study at University. Many are offered places at Russell Group universities such as The Universities of Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham, Kings College London and Queen’s University Belfast.

The range of courses studied at university is extremely diverse: from Science at Durack in Australia, to Law at The University of Ulster; from Software Development at The University of Lincoln to Nursing at Dundee.

We pride ourselves on the proportion of students who gain admission to their first choice of university course, and our dedicated team of Sixth Form Tutors and Careers Advisors ensure that the process of transition to the next stage of our students’ education is as smooth as possible.

We have recently begun to develop an alumni relations programme so that we can keep in touch with as many of our former students as possible.  We hope this will help you to reconnect with old friends who you might have lost touch with since studying at Ulidia.