COVID-19 Return to School FAQ

I know a lot of you are anxious about your children returning to full time education over the following weeks, but I think everyone feels there is great benefit to doing so.

To try and give you an honest picture of what we have in place, I wanted to respond publicly to some of the frequently asked questions we have had over the past week, from parents and carers, and the questions we have been asking ourselves.

The guidance we have been given is fairly generic, and to be fair it had to be as there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to getting schools open again. Some areas of it are open to interpretation, and as Ulidia IC is a unique school, our plans will be bespoke to us.

It does not make any sense, nor is it fair, to compare what other schools are doing and suggest one is better than the other. We are very much in the area here of doing as best we can in an imperfect situation. We are all constrained by the sizes and shapes of our buildings, playground facilities, staffing, budgets, curriculum and by the levels of responsibility of our parents/carers and young people themselves.

These are straight to the point answers to help give you an overview – greater detail on arrangements specific to particular groups are to be found in previous parentmails and on the website.

We need your help, co-operation and support. I hope you find this helpful, in some ways reassuring, and also useful as a way to talk to your child or young person about returning to school.

M Houston, Principal