Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Introduction and Ethos of Department

Travel and Tourism is taught within Geography at Key Stage three. Travel and tourism is included in the environment and society area of Key stage three learning. Travel and tourism also includes local and global citizenship, and employability elements.Learners are given the opportunity to study Travel and Tourism from year 11 onwards. At KS4 learners are provided with the opportunity to study BTEC Level 2 Travel and Tourism, in sixth form learners are given the opportunity to study for BTEC Level 3 Travel and Tourism, or A Level Travel and Tourism.

Travel and Tourism is the study of how and where people spend their leisure time, and the industry which supports this.

Tourism in Northern Ireland  currently generates a revenue of £764 million and attracts 4.5 million visitors. The aim is to double tourism’s contribution to the economy by 2020. Making this a dynamic and exciting sector to be employed within.

The Staff & Positions

Subject Leader – Mrs. S. Patterson
Subject Teacher – Mr. B. Dunlop

KS4 & KS5

The travel and tourism industry is dynamic, wide-ranging and fast-growing, and it offers a huge variety of employment opportunities for young people.
At Ulidia Integrated College we offer Travel and Tourism at level 2 for years 11 and 12. Level 3 BTEC Travel and Tourism is offered to years 13 and 14 in our sixth form to study.
We have a number of former students who have continued Travel and Tourism right through to University and employment.

Assessment throughout the course
BTEC level 2 NQF is a two year course which consists of four units and is 25% external exam based assessment and 75% coursework.

2018-20 BTEC Overview (KS4)

  Term one Term two Term three
Year 11 Unit one – The UK travel and tourism industry (external) Unit two – UK Travel and Tourism Destinations Unit one – The UK travel and tourism industry (external)



Year 12 Unit 4: International Travel and Tourism destinations. Unit 3: The Travel and Tourism customer experience  




BTEC level 3 (years 13, and 14) is a two year course which consists of six units. These six units are 100% coursework assessment. Year 13 are using the new assessment procedures and year 12 use the previous assessment procedures.

2018-2020 BTEC Overview (KS5)


  Work Covered
Year 13 Unit 1: The United Kingdom Tourism Product (External assessment) (DNL)

Unit 2: Worldwide Travel destinations (Internal assessment) (PT)

Year 14 Unit 3: The Dynamic Tourism Industry (External Assessment) (PTT)

Unit 4: Event and Itinerary planning (Internal Assessment) (DNL)

Assessment Plans

Assessment Plans For Years 11-14

  • Assessment Plan Level Level 3 2017-19 (PDF)
  • 2018-20 BTEC Assessment Plan 2018-20 (PDF)
  • 2017-19 NQF BTEC Assesssment Plan 2017-19 (PDF)
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