Christopher’s Story

Ulidia is more than just a venue where learning takes places. It was an educational experience where teachers endeavour to help every student to achieve their full potential.

My experience at Ulidia was one where my teachers helped me to develop my analytical skills, to think critically, and to articulate ideas with passion and vigour.

I gained a first-class education coupled with a confidence in myself and my abilities that set me apart from others when I went to university.

It is unfortunate, but in a divided society, it is a privilege to receive an integrated education. Students at Ulidia benefit from learning alongside other students of many different backgrounds and beliefs. It is a real cross section of society and students all learn from each other’s unique experiences. That enriches the overall experience of each individual student and makes Ulidia such a unique place.

Ulidia gave me the opportunity and the tools to pursue and achieve my goals. It developed in me a confidence to articulate my views with reason and maturity. That is the result of both an outstanding faculty and a supportive and diverse student body.

Christopher Madden