Ethos & Mission Statement


Ulidia is a growing and dynamic community; we bring children and staff from Catholic and Protestant traditions, as well as those of other faiths or none, together in one school. Ulidia’s Ethos is not secular but Christian in character and welcomes all faiths and none.

Through our Admissions Criteria we try to enrol approximately equal numbers of Catholic and Protestant children, as well as those from other religious and cultural backgrounds.

We believe that every family should be able to access Integrated education for children of all abilities, from the academically gifted to those who require specific support.

We aim to provide all children with a caring and enhanced educational experience. Empowering them as individuals is a priority for our dedicated staff, so that as they grow and mature they will be able to affect positive change in the shared society we live in. We value and respect each other’s cultures and diversity; we cherish equality for all. We go beyond the traditional ‘child centred education’ and seek to understand and enhance the centre of each child.

We acknowledge that no one knows a child better than their own family, and so we depend on our partnership with parents and carers to ensure each young person thrives.

The College has a fascinating history and we encourage you to explore it thoroughly on our website.

Mission Statement

“Educating together, Catholics and Protestants, and those of other religions, or none, in an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding, to the highest possible academic standards.”