Meet Our Community

Meet Yousuf.

Mathematician, Designer and Engineer

“Ulidia has offered a wide variety of school clubs and helped me gain confidence. These have helped me excel in my academic studies and encourage me to work to my full ability. I love that Ulidia is an Integrated school.”

Meet Sophie.

Peter Pan, Singer and Maths Teacher

“Some of my best memories over the past years are participating in the school productions – they bring us together like a family. I also love maths it is my favourite subject, the teachers push you to do your best.”

Meet Reuben.

Footballer, Canine Enthusiast and Writer

“I like Ulidia because of the help and support it provides. You can find help for something you are struggling with, finding friends, something you don’t know, and lots more. Ulidia listens to your problems, outside or inside school. You receive all the help you need. That’s why Ulidia is a special place for me!”

Meet Ryan.

Rugby Player, Historian and Mechanic

“I love Ulidia because I’m surrounded by all my friends and all the teachers are so helpful. I enjoy playing rugby for Ulidia and representing my school. My favourite subject is Motor Vehicle Studies.”

Meet Rhys.

Sportsman, Engineer and RAF Officer

“I am so happy I made the choice to move to Ulidia. I love it here. The best thing about Ulidia is that we are all treated equally, no matter who we are or what background we come from. We all believe that strength lies in our differences.”

Meet Leanne.

Origami Artist, Eco Activist and Video Games Designer

“Ulidia is a special place for me – I feel like this school is my home. I love helping out the younger pupils whenever it comes to either Eco Club or performing my eco mentoring duties. This has helped me gain confidence in communicating with everyone..”

Meet Shannon.

Irish Dancer, Performing Artist and Paramedic

“I love Ulidia for the wide range of sports as these help build confidence and teamwork. I love having the opportunity to be a mentor as I love helping and watching the younger students succeed. Ulidia is a safe space where all pupils can learn and develop skills together.”

Meet Kirsty.

Leader, Scientist and Linguist

“The thing I love about Ulidia is how you can be yourself without any hesitation. Ulidia offers a wide range of after school revision classes, which have helped me become more self confident.”

Meet Charlotte.

Scientist, Future Midwife and Creative Writer

“Ulidia is a wonderful place. It educates different religions and cultures in one place. It is a great experience for me as I came from a primary school which only spoke about one religion. I have learned how to speak to others respectfully, all thanks to Ulidia and how they have taught me.”

Meet Alyssa.

Photographer, Musician and Dancer

“I’ve had fun working with other people like me. I’ve made friends and learnt a lot about myself as well as other people. I feel like Ulidia is the place I can come and be me, and more.”