Welcome Year 8

Welcome to Ulidia Integrated College!

It is not just your child that has secured a place in Ulidia, you have too!

Throughout your child’s post primary experience, we will work in partnership with you the parents and carers and we will share equal responsibility with you for your child’s academic and pastoral success.

Parent Information Pack

Our Parent Information Pack contains all relevant information and policies.

PE Uniform Information

Photos of UIC approved PE Uniform.

Year 8 Starter Pack

This pack will give you a taste of the type of work you will complete at Ulidia Integrated College.

Term Dates

The dates we are aiming for are as follows: https://ulidiacollege.com/parents/term-dates/


With such an unusual start to the year ahead, we have not been able to do our usual online baseline testing. We will start the year in all ability groups linked to form classes until we can carry out baseline testing fairly and decide on appropriate learning pathways as soon as possible. 

https://www.eani.org.uk/checkTransport Further information on eligibility for home to school transport assistance and how to apply online can be found on the Education Authority website above.

Gordons Jeanery ltd. 10a Green Street, Carrickfergus, BT38 7DT 

Cuddy’s 18-20 Market Place, Carrickfergus, BT38 7AW 

Ulidia Integrated College Previously Owned Uniforms 

In order to support families who may wish to purchase previously owned but gently cared for uniform items, we keep a good stock in the College. If you would like to avail of this service, please email us on info@ulidiacollege.com to make an appointment.