Ulidia’s engagement in Sport is growing from strength to strength. Sport is an intrinsic part of the life and fabric of the College with something for everyone to encourage pupils to participate. High level skills are developed through expert coaching and many proceed to contribute at club level and beyond outside the College.

The PE department at Ulidia offers a diverse range of activities to suit all abilities. Although we do many sports over the course of the year our primary sports for boys are Football and Rugby and for girls it is Hockey and Netball.

The College has won All Ireland titles in both the boys’ and girls’ teams for Basketball. Our ethos is firmly built around inclusiveness and enhancing the long term health of our pupils. It is our aim to inspire an interest in sport and activity that will encourage our pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle whenever they leave school. Our PE lessons are focused around developing basic skills in a range of activities. We also try to incorporate as many cooperative games as possible to allow all children the opportunity to develop teamwork and enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Pupils in years 8-10 will work on developing their fundamental skills and overall fitness through taking part in the activities listed below. Pupils in these year groups are entered into leagues and tournaments for Rugby, Football, Hockey and Netball/Basketball.

A selection of sport on offer in Ulidia:

  • Invasion Games (Rugby / Gaelic / Hockey/ Netball / Football /Basketball)
  • Net Games (Volleyball / Badminton)
  • Body Management (Dance / Gymnastics)
  • Swimming
  • Athletics (Track and Field & Park Running)
  • Striking Games (Rounders, Cricket & Golf )

The Arts

As well as achieving the best possible grades in their academic subjects, we encourage our pupils to become resourceful, reflective and innovative learners, able to make connections between their subjects and judiciously apply what they have learned. This is consciously encouraged through lessons but also through the learning opportunities obtained from the arts.

Creativity is an important part in the all-round education of pupils at Ulidia, providing unique ways of expressing feelings and ideas about the world they live in. The curriculum content of our enrichment programme prepares pupils for their years beyond school. In keeping with the Integrated ethos of Ulidia, involvement in creative activity encourages positivity and respect in the development of the individual.

GCSE Students rehearsing a scene from ‘Blood Brothers’

Ulidians are offered a broad range of enrichment activities which enable them to explore a variety of creative media such as two and three-dimensional art, photography, music, drama and digital art. This helps develop an appreciation of not only their own work, but that of their peers, outside artists, performers, designers and craftworkers within their own and other cultures.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is integral to our academic, Integrated provision. We promote the importance of these aspects of our pupils’ educational development through the entire curriculum.

We believe that all young people have an incredible capacity for creativity and we actively encourage it throughout the whole college.