Fairtrade Fortnight

During Fairtrade Fortnight from 27th February to 12th March 2017 students have been learning about fair trade during geography lessons and also within the eco team.

Learners have found out that most products sold in the supermarkets in Northern Ireland are from exploitive commodities that gain a large proportion of profits while paying their suppliers from less economically developed country’s very little. This diagram shows the unfair percentages that the farmer gets from the total profit made by a product. The farmer only received 3% of the total purchase price for all their hard work producing the product, whereas the retailer received 43%; we do not think that this is fair.

Fair trade advantages include the workers getting more money for their labour. When the workers get more money, they can build a school for their community and children by investing their money. Farmers who work for fair trade are protected while they work because chemicals are not allowed and safety standards are very high to protect families. Fair trade allows equal job opportunities to local workers that may not always be available.

Ulidia students are given regular opportunities to learn about and explore Fair Trade within Home Economics, Music, Geography, and within Learning for Life and Work lessons.