Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline Update

We have very much enjoyed welcoming our new Year 8 pupils and 6th Form students to the college this week and hope that everyone in Years 9-12 are looking forward to their return tomorrow, Friday 1st September.

Last year we launched Positive Discipline and saw significant improvements in organisation, work and behaviour. It was fantastic to see so many deserving pupils recognised and rewarded throughout the year and during Rewards Week in June.

We are excited about developing the system this year so that we make even greater progress and reward even more students!

Following consultation with pupils, parents/carers and staff throughout last year, some amendments have been made to the policy. Please read these carefully.

Forgotten Planner

We ask you to continue to support your son/daughter with their organisation for the school day as it is a key to their success and achievement.

The planner continues to be an essential tool to help with organisation and communication between the college and home and it is vitally important that the planner is brought each and every day.

Planner Forgotten on First Occasion

This year, if the student planner is forgotten, a formal warning will be issued by the Head of Year.

This will take the form of a yellow card with a letter addressed to you printed on one side, and space for homework or teacher comments to be recorded on the other.

We ask you sign this card and it should be returned to the relevant Head of Year the next morning along with the planner by your son/daughter.

It also means that no credits will be issued for the day.

Planner Forgotten on Second Occasion

If the planner is forgotten on a second occasion, then your son/daughter will be withdrawn from class until the planner can be brought to school. During this time, work will be provided to be completed in their Form Teacher or Head of Year’s room.

It is obviously much more beneficial for all pupils to be in all of their lessons in order to benefit from the same learning experiences and high quality teaching as their peers.

Ideally we do not want anyone missing a lesson and we believe that with your support, this can be avoided.

Planner Quality

Planners for 2017-18 are of an exceptional quality, with hardback covers to ensure greater durability for the school year.

The planner layout is also different with much more space to record homework, credits and comments. There is also a dedicated space for you to communicate with staff if you need to.

A higher quality planner unfortunately means they are significantly more expensive and this is where we ask for your support.

We ask you to contribute £3 towards the cost of each planner. This should preferably be paid via ParentMail by clicking ‘Planner’ in your basket.

Alternatively, if you can pay the Family Fund of £60 per family for the year, the planner is free of charge. Family Fund can be paid in instalments of £20 throughout the year or in a lump sum.

Planners can also be paid for in cash.

As you aware, cuts to funding in education are hitting schools hard at the moment. Any additional support you can offer helps us to ensure that the opportunities and resources available to our students, and your children, are not detrimentally impacted.

We hope that this year will be an enjoyable and successful year for all of our students. Please continue to provide feedback on Positive Discipline to Miss Connolly or the Heads of Year. Your comments are invaluable as we develop the system and continue to promote high standards and expectations and a strong work ethic at Ulidia.