Ulidia’s Student Council 2017-18

Following our elections in September, our new Student Council is up and running!


The Council will be lead by our Head and Deputy Head Prefects Johnny, Aimee, Grace and Freddie. The first meeting on Monday 2nd October was very successful with lots of ideas as to how the Council can work with the staff, parents and Governors of the college to make positive changes. All our Class Reps are aware that they represent the voice of the student body and have an extremely important role to play in ensuring that the student voice is heard. Class Reps will be leading a discussion in their form classes twice per month to ensure that everyone gets a chance to put their ideas and thoughts across to be discussed at the Council.


The group are extremely enthusiastic and we look forward to hearing their input and ideas over the course of the year!


Our new Class Reps for 2017-18 are:


Sophie 8GLS

Lola 8KTG

Mckenzie 8MCG

Max 8MVK

Leah 8TNR


Katie 9DNN

Zak 9MCL

Felicity 9SMH

Jack 9STL

Sam 9WTT


Callum 10BRD

Jonathan 10CHD

Ryan 10MRE

Demi 10RKE

Jordan 10SCH


Johnny 11BAR

Steven 11MBR

Ben 11MER

Cosmin 11MHG

Theo 11OWN


Rachel 12FRD

Ryan 12MCR

Adam 12RDM

Adam 12SPR