Christmas Hampers 2017

It has been said, ‘our generosity is often born out of gratitude’ and if this is true then Ulidia staff and pupils are overwhelmingly grateful!

Some of us may not be feeling very prosperous at the moment. We are living in difficult times, and many people are battered by debt and money worries. Yet Ulidia has excelled in the donations of items for hampers this year! Never before have we had 48 overflowing hampers to bless our own community, in Carrickfergus!

Women’s Aid, HomeStart and Cithrah have benefitted from everyone’s generosity! Thank you all, on behalf of the school!

Often when we have less money, we have more time that we can use in service of others, and some of our greatest gifts and treasures may be things that society doesn’t even register. So, this week, take a moment to think about these questions. “What are you most grateful for in your life?” and “what are your unusual treasures in life? The ones you had not previously considered to be treasure.” Give thanks, and remember most of all the true treasures; the ones such as friends and family… money can never buy.