BBC School Report

As part of BBC School Report our Eco Team had the chance to work with a camera crew from BBC. The crew were in school on Monday 26th March and over the day the group reported their findings and learnt about how to put together a news report for the BBC. The group loved working with a producer, camera man, and reporter to develop their report.

The Eco team have been working hard this term to research reports about the global issue of plastic waste. The group have seen the issue first hand through their litter picks at Carrickfergus beaches. The twinned eco group in Madagascar have also seen the issue with plastic waste through their beach cleans.

The Eco team investigated the issue and explored the impact upon global wildlife and marine life. They then explored solutions to the issue such as recycling, and highlighted Ulidia’s work as the first zero waste school in Northern Ireland.

Mrs Patterson would like to say a big well done to all involved for their commitment, enthusiasm and their hard work.