Outstanding results maintained at GCSE for Ulidia

Outstanding results maintained at GCSE for Ulidia

Ulidia Integrated College has recorded excellent GCSE Results with 68% of pupils gaining 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Maths.

This is in line with the College’s 3-year average for results, disproving CCEA’s claims that teachers are prone to over predict grades.

Principal Michael Houston reported an overall pass rate of 77% attaining 5 or more at A*-C. English, Maths and Science results in particular were as high performing as in previous years, with 80.2% of pupils attaining A*-C in English. 73.5% of pupils attained A*-C in Maths, and 95.1% of pupils attained A*-C in Double Award Science. This was again directly in line with performance averages over the past 3 years.

Mr Houston said, “We are so proud of all of our pupils – this has been an horrific year for pupils all round, having to cope with lockdown and then worry about how their grades might be awarded. It is such a relief to be able to celebrate with them and discover where their pathways may lead. I expect record numbers returning to sixth form to study, and there will be particular interest in the new A Level Biology, and double A-level courses in Health and Social Care and Business Studies.

We of course also welcome applications from external students for A level study.

We are delighted that GCSE results will be awarded without the use of various examination boards’ standardisation algorithms, as teachers know the individual pupils far better than a computer programme can ever do. After the distress that our A level students were put through, we were looking forward to a settled Results Day and the opportunity to celebrate with our pupils. As late as yesterday afternoon after 4pm, Pearson BTEC instructed us to withhold BTEC L2 grades and so we cannot release them to our students this morning. Thankfully, it will not stop the majority of our pupils getting the rest of their excellent grades.

I am thrilled for our parents and pupils alike, and very grateful for the hard work and dedication all of our staff have shown. Our teaching staff have been exceptional throughout lockdown in their dedication and professionalism, and no small amount of sleepless nights and worry went into producing the Centre Assessed Grades. I know we can stand over these grades with integrity.

I cannot wait to have the school open on September 1st with all of our pupils in lessons and working hard. It will not be a normal start to the term, but having the Ulidia Integrated College community together again will be a joy.”