Ulidia IC Celebrates Success at Annual Speech and Prize Night 2022

Ulidia IC Celebrates Success at Annual Speech and Prize Night 2022

Thursday 29 September 2022 marked the official date for Ulidia Integrated College’s Annual Speech and Prize Night.  Staff, Board of Governors, invited guests and parents joined the prize winners to share in the success and achievements of pupils for the year 2021/2022.

Mr Walter Bleakley, former Chair of the Board of Governors and his wife, Mrs Carole Bleakley, a former PE teacher of the College were formally invited as guest speaker and to present the awards.

Awards and Trophies were presented for GCSEs, A Levels and attendance as well as creative arts, music, sport and Duke of Edinburgh.  Pupils were also recognised for their outstanding contributions to the ethos of the school and their commitment to school life as well as their commitment to activities outside school.

Some of the highlights of the award ceremony were:

The Academic Cup, awarded to Jakub Ciunajtis for outstanding results at GCSE Level and to Amber Montgomery for outstanding results at KS3.  Izzy O’Hare was awarded the William Rowan Hamilton Cup for outstanding contributions in Mathematics at GCSE and was also awarded the Ulidia Cup for the student who best personifies commitment and determination in the pursuit of excellence. 

Rhys Miller who was awarded the Leslie Shield and the Conduct Cup pictured with Mrs Ward (Head of Pastoral Care)

Rhys Millar was awarded the Leslie Shield for the student who best personifies the ethos of the college and the Conduct Cup for the student who consistently and effectively displays all aspects of our student council, promoting our core values of:

Respect for themselves,

Respect for others,

Respect for the environment and

Responsibilty for themselves and others. 

Talan Smith shared the Integrated Cup for ethos and inclusion with Zara McVeigh.  Talan was also awarded the Student Council Award for commitment and contributions through pupil ‘voice’. 

G Force cup awarded to the Year 10 Volleyball Team for winning the 2021-2022 NEBSSA competition

Beau Steele was awarded the Jay Cullen Memorial Shield for being an outstanding Mentor to our younger students.  The Shield was donated by the Cullen family in memory of their son Jay who was a past pupil of the college.  It was lovely to have the Cullen family with us this year to see the award being presented.

A special mention should go to the following pupils who have excelled through extra-curricular activities outside of school:  Clarke Hatton for his outstanding contribution ‘Drifting’ in the world of motorsport and to Aimee Kerr for her contributions to U17 Northern Ireland Football team – scoring the winning goals.

Finally, the Principal, Governors and staff of Ulidia Integrated College would like to thank Bradley Eager and Rachel Kernoghan for their dedication and commitment whilst carrying out the role of Head Boy and Girl of 2021-2022.

Mrs Ward, Mr Houston, Mrs Bonar and Mrs Campbell pictured with Special Guests Walter and Carole Bleakley
 Attendance winners for Form classes 2021-2022
Harry Stronge for the most improved student at KS3
 Head Girl (Rachel Kernoghan) and Head Boy (Bradley Eager)  2021 – 2022
Jay Cullen Award presented on behalf of the Cullen Family to Beau Steele for outstanding Mentor (Pictured with Mrs Howe)
 Academic Award winners
Andrew Jackson bowl awarded to Aaron Reid for outstanding contributions in Environmental Sciences, Mrs Bonar (Vice Principal) and Eco Award presented to Rebecca Telford.
 Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award Achievers
Creative and Expressive subject award winners with Mrs Whitehurst (HoD Drama) and Miss McNarry (HoD Music)
Mr Houston with Hannah Montgomery, winner of the NI Screen Cup for excellence in Fine Art at GCSE and Izzy O’Hare, winner of the William Rowan Hamilton Award for excellence in Mathematics and The Ulidia Cup for over excellence.
 The Hughes Cup awarded to Irza Khan (pictured with Mr Houston, Principal)
Mr Houston and Becky Hemsworth, awarded the Simpson Cup for personal achievement
Mr Houston with Katie Adams (current Head girl) awarded the Attendance Shield and Matthew McMullan (Current Head Boy) awarded the Principal’s Trophy and the Community Shield.
Endeavour Cup awarded to Reece Rosbotham for diligence and improved confidence. (Pictured with Deputy Principal Mrs Bonar)
Belle McClenaghan winner of the Senior Science Cup