Reflecting on 10 Amazing Years at Ulidia IC

Reflecting on 10 Amazing Years at Ulidia IC

After 10 incredible years at Ulidia Integrated College, I am moving on to a new post after the Halloween break. Before I leave, I want to express my gratitude to you for all the kindness, support and generosity you have shown to me in my time as Head of Pastoral Care.

I can’t express how rewarding it has been and I am so lucky to have been a small part of such an amazing school. Pastoral care is not a job. It is an investment in each and every young person that comes through the doors. Having worked closely with the passionate staff here, you can be assured that your child will continue to be cared for and supported in the way that only Ulidia IC does.

When I first started in 2013, I had never worked in the integrated sector and from the outset it was very clear that Ulidia Integrated College is a unique school. One of the reasons for that is that parents and carers are a core part of College and everything it stands for. The level of your involvement in the life of the College; from day-to-day communication, to Parent Council or Board of Governors participation, to support at College events and celebrations was not something that I had experienced elsewhere. Of course, all of these things happen in other schools, but the heart and passion and genuine care for not just your own children, but others too is unique to integrated education and to Ulidia IC. 

I thank you for continuing the legacy of the original steering group of parents in the 1990s, when peace and the notion that people from different backgrounds could not just co-exist, but learn from each other and build something much bigger and better for Northern Ireland. 

I send my very best wishes to you and your family and look forward to seeing and hearing about all their and Ulidia IC’s successes to come.

Mrs Ward