Megan White – Future Secured

Megan White – Future Secured

Name: Megan White

Year Left: 2017

Subjects Studied: Art, Performing Arts, Moving Image Art

Occupation: Learning and participation artist at the Birmingham Hippodrome

Pathway to Success:

My daily job consists of creating and delivering theatre-focused workshops and engaging in participation projects within the Hippodrome. This has allowed me to utilize the skills I developed through my educational experience. After leaving Ulidia, I received my BA Honours from Queen’s University, which then allowed me to obtain a PGCE qualification and teach drama at a secondary level in Birmingham before taking on my current role.

Best memories of Ulidia:

Some of my favourite memories of Ulidia stem from my experience in extracurricular activities such as the school’s drama club and charity committee. These clubs provided me with a safe place to express my interests and develop friendships as a young person. I also have fond memories of the teachers and friends who guided me through sixth form and made the stressful experience of A-levels more enjoyable, leaving me with great memories.

Why students should study in Ulidia:

I joined Ulidia later than many of my peers (in sixth form) and was initially nervous about stepping into a new environment. However, the staff and pupils at Ulidia could not have made me feel more welcome! The school offered a range of clubs and activities for all and made a great effort to create a strong sense of community.

Aspirations for the future:

In the future, I hope to return to Northern Ireland to start my own theatre company, one where I can tell the stories of my community and engage a wide demographic of people.

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