Grammar & All Ability Pathways

Grammar & All Ability Pathways

The emphasis at Ulidia Integrated College is on meeting the needs of all abilities to the highest academic standards. We are passionate about learning and want our students to share our enthusiasm. Our aim is to challenge pupils to develop new approaches to learning, to be encouraged to excel and to experience success in all areas of the curriculum.

We cater for all learning styles, paces and potentials. In order to provide for all of our pupils, we offer two distinct but intertwined Learning Pathways:

  • An ‘All Ability Pathway’ for young people who prefer a blend of academic and vocational studies and
  • A ‘Grammar Pathway’ for young people who thrive in a more demanding academic setting

Both Pathways are combined for pastoral and enrichment classes where all pupils work together.

By offering both Pathways in one College, pupils have the opportunity to move between Pathways as they develop, mature and identify potential careers. This ensures their curriculum always reflects their ability, is appropriately challenging and engages their interest throughout their College life.

GCSE and A Level examination options are open to all students regardless of their learning Pathway if they demonstrate appropriate ability in that subject area.

This means that we offer a learning environment that challenges pupils to meet their potential combined with the flexibility to tailor educational qualifications to each individual’s ability and aspirations.