Visitor from Madagascar!

On Friday 8th June Ulidia Integrated College was visited by Barry Ferguson from Madagascar. Barry coordinates Eco Schools in Madagascar and works with our twinned Eco School in Port Duphine.

One of the main languages in Madagascar is French, indeed in Lycee Pole it is the predominant language. During his visit Barry worked with year 11 French learners to learn about environmental issues through French. Environmental issues is a vital component of GCSE French; learners had the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and to expand their knowledge of the environmental conservation work that is being undertaken in Madagascar. Barry then worked with the head of Languages to develop resources.

Barry then led a workshop for the Eco Team. The team had the opportunity to learn about vanilla growth in Madagascar and to explore the importance of Fair Trade to vanilla farmers in Madagascar. Working in small groups the Eco Team developed sound bites about Fair trade that will be shared with the farmers in Madagascar when Barry returns later this month. The students had the opportunity to taste Madagascan chocolate and to explore spices and other produce from Madagascar. The team had the opportunity to learn about natural hazards in Madagascar and to ask any questions that they had about our twin school and it’s community. Lots of students wanted to know about the Lemur population and the threats facing them. Barry then met with Mrs Patterson to discuss exciting projects to develop our twinning further.

Throughout the Visit Barry Ferguson was accompanied by Una Kelly and Colin Kirkpatrick from The Adsum Foundation which coordinates the twinning project between Ulidia Integrated College and Lycee Pole School in Madagascar.