Kindness Day

This year, we at Ulidia are proud to have introduced our first team of Anti Bullying Ambassadors.  We continue to work hard to come up with new ideas to help everyone to feel comfortable and supported in our school.  On Friday 31st March we decided to mark the occasion of International Kindness Day by spreading positivity throughout the school.  To do this we asked everyone to ‘Give a Smile’ to another pupil in their class.  These were collected and then distributed to everyone by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.  The kindness and smiles were well received throughout the school, proving that the smallest of gestures can mean a lot.

Jessica Leeming is one of the ABA team from year 13.  She is enjoying her time on the team – “For me, personally this has been an amazing opportunity.  I feel that being a member of this team will help me to develop my own confidence as I learn to communicate and support others.  I am excited to see what the future holds for the Anti-Bullying Ambassador team.”