Business Studies

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Miss Knight

KS4: Business Studies

Course Outline

Through studying GCSE in Business Studies, students gain business knowledge, understanding and skills. They begin to understand current events in local, national and global contexts. They learn how to use relevant terms, concepts and methods effectively to describe business and economic behaviour. Students also consider business ethics and the impact of business on the environment.

We want our students to develop as independent learners and encourage them to use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish facts from opinions, form arguments and make informed judgements.

This course prepares students for further study of business and business-related subjects, including Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Business Studies, Advanced GCE in Business Studies and Applied GCE in Business.

This course helps students develop a range of skills such as:

  • Decision-making;
  • Interpreting and managing information; and
  • Devising solutions to problems and issues.


Students must take at least 40 percent of the assessment (based on unit weightings) at the end of the course as terminal assessment.

* Synoptic assessment requires candidates to identify and use, from across the full course studied, those aspects/elements/knowledge/skills which are required to address a particular task or question.

Content Assessment Weighting Availability
Unit 1: Starting a Business
Creating a Business
Business Operations
External written examination (1 hour 30 mins)

Short structured questions and extended writing

40% Summer from 2018


Unit 2: Developing a Business
Human Resources
Business Growth
External written exam (1 hour 30 mins)

Short structured questions and extended writing

40% Summer from 2019
Unit 3:Planning a Business (Synoptic)
Business Plan
Controlled assessment

Students complete the following:

• Booklet A: Planning; and

• Booklet B: Communicate Findings

20% Summer from 2019

Why Study Business Studies?

Everything in life involves Business. Think about that new top/T-shirt you bought last week and then think of what businesses made it possible for you to be wearing it right now?
The obvious ones are the Shop and the Manufacturing plant but what about the Cotton growers, the Label makers, the Delivery Company, Health & Safety? Then consider how these companies are set up, how they are financed and the companies that manage the finance of all those businesses? Thinking about all those processes and people allows you begin to understand about what Business Studies is all about.

KS5: OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Certification in Business (Level 3)

Awarding Body: OCR

The Cambridge Technical in Business has been developed to meet the changing needs of the sector, and prepare pupils for the challenges they’ll face in Higher Education or employment. Designed in collaboration with experts spanning the breadth of the sector, the Cambridge Technical in Business focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding that today’s universities and employers demand. Pupils will practically apply their skills and knowledge in preparation for further study or the workplace.

You will learn how a business might evolve. From a small start-up business to a large multinational organisation, you will consider a range of different business types and gain an understanding of how the choice of business type might affect the objectives that are set. You will also look at the internal workings of businesses, including their internal structure and how different functional areas work together. Plus, by looking at the external constraints under which a business must operate, you will gain an understanding of the legal, financial and ethical factors that have an impact. You will also explore ways in which businesses respond to changes in their economic, social and technological environment; and gain an appreciation of the influence different stakeholders can have upon a business.

  Unit no. Unit title Unit ref. no. (URN) How are they assessed?
Year 13 1 The business environment A/507/8148 External (Exam)
4 Customers and communication A/507/8151 Internal (Portfolio)
Year 14 2 Working in Business


F/507/8149 External (Exam)
5 Marketing and market research F/507/8152 Internal (Portfolio)
8 Introduction to human resources R/507/8155 Internal (Portfolio)

What will I study and how will I be assessed?

The business world places a high value on the ability to research, analyse and evaluate information in order to make considered decisions and you will have the opportunity to gain these vital skills. Alongside this you will develop practical employability skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders, and to manage time effectively.

What can I do with a qualification in Business?

Do you imagine your future as self-employed or in a managerial position? Cambridge Technical Business might be the subject for you! It can give you the tools and information required to understand how businesses are created, managed and become successful.

Cambridge Techincal in Business is a great attribute on your CV, it shows future employers you understand how a business works, so you may be considered for higher positions. Business Studies also opens up a variety of career opportunities and also for further study at college or university. Possible career choices within the area of business include management, marketing, finance, accounting, banking, retailing, manufacturing and local government.

How can I find out more?

There are a number of ways that you can find out more about studying Cambridge Technical in Business:

UCAS www.ucas.com or
CAO www.cao.ie for details on entry requirements for university courses.