Occupational Studies

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Course Outline                                 

CCEA Occupational Studies is made up of two units.
-Patisserie and Baking.
-Contemporary Cuisine.


Work is assessed mainly through practical cookery tasks. Students will be expected to prepare, cook and finish four starters, four main courses and four desserts across the course of the year for Contemporary Cuisine.

Students will be expected to bake four breads and scones, four types of biscuits and four pastry based products across the course of the year for Patisserie and Baking.


Students will also be expected to produce a portfolio of work that includes evidence of understanding of the following topics:

  • Health and safety in food preparation
  • Careers in the food industry
  • Environmental issues in the food industry
  • Healthy eating alternatives
  • Safe storage of foods

Each unit is made up of the following:

AO1                 Knowledge and understanding
AO2                 Application of knowledge / Practical skills
AO3                 Analysis and Evaluation
AO4                 My Diary

The Staff & Positions

Teachers: Mrs Moore and Mrs Ford