Staff & Positions

Subject Leader
Mrs Richardson

Subject Teachers
Mrs Ward, Miss Gueret, Mrs Smith, Mrs Toner and Mrs Schmidt

Introduction and Ethos

English is about developing the skills to communicate with confidence and enjoyment at all levels. In all English classes there is strong emphasis on active learning, group work is very popular and oral activities including discussion. Pupils are encouraged to foster a love of reading for pleasure and a desire to develop their written skills.

Key Stage 3


Pupils complete four units of work each year, focusing on fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry and media texts to ensure full coverage of the curriculum. Pupils are formally assessed in Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing in each unit of study. These units of work allow pupils to access the Northern Ireland Curriculum for English and Communication.

Year 8
Unit 1: Fiction
Unit 2: Poetry
Unit 3: Debate Writing
Unit 4: An Introduction to Multi-Modal Texts

Year 9
Unit 1: Fiction
Unit 2: Poetry
Unit 3: Reading and Writing Non-Fiction
Unit 4: Analysing Multi-Modal Texts

Year 10
Unit 1: Fiction
Unit 2: Poetry
Unit 3: Multimodal
Unit 4: Drama and Projects

Assessment throughout the year
Pupils will have four tracking assessments throughout the year and an end-of-year examination.

Pupils will have one piece of extended writing per term. Nightly reading and weekly vocabulary.
Extension tasks for pupils can be accessed through Fronter.

Keystage 4 & 5


GCSE English Language – CCEA Course outline

English Language GCSE is made up of 4 Units:
Unit 1: Writing for purpose and audience; reading to access non-fiction and media texts. (30% – external examination)
Unit 2: Speaking and Listening. (20% – controlled assessment)
Unit 3: Study of spoken and written language. (20% – controlled assessment)
Unit 4: Personal or creative writing; reading literary and non-fiction texts. (30% – external examination)

GCSE English Literature – CCEA Course Outline

English Literature GCSE is made up of 3 Units:
Unit 1: The Study of Prose. (30% – external examination – closed book)
Unit 2: The Study of Drama and Poetry. (50% – external examination – open book)
Unit 3: The Study of Linked Texts. (20% – controlled assessment)

AS Level – CCEA Course outline

Unit 1: Prose study (external exam)
Unit 2: Drama and Poetry (external exams)

A2 Level – CCEA Course Outline

Unit 3: Poetry and Shakespeare (external exam)
Unit 4: Prose Study (coursework)

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