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Introduction and Ethos of Department

Learning for Life and Work (LLW) is central in helping young people develop the fundamental skills, knowledge, qualities and dispositions that are needed for life and work. This area of learning contains the contributory strands of: Employability, Local and Global Citizenship and Personal Development. Learning for Life and Work gives pupils the opportunity to investigate and question the world and choices made by leaders of the world. It gives them a chance to develop their own thinking skills and personal capabilities. They are challenged to manage information, make decisions and solve problems, be creative, work with others and work independently.


At Ulidia all pupils study these three key areas at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Learning for Life and Work is also a popular option at GCSE.

The Staff & Positions

Subject Leader: Miss Steele
Subject Teachers:

  • Mrs S Patterson
  • Miss S Watters
  • Mrs R Kelly
  • Mrs E Brines
  • Mr P Murphy


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KS4 & KS5


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