Technology & Design

Technology & Design

Introduction and Ethos of Department

he central focus of the Technology and Design Department is the design and manufacture of products which may also use energy and control to make them work.

Throughout key stages 3 and 4 this department provides opportunities for pupils to develop a range of knowledge, understanding and skills within the four elements of Technology and Design. These include Designing, Communication, Manufacture and Energy and control.


Departmental Aims
• to develop individual creativity, innovation and an enjoyment of the subject
• to enable pupils to work safely when using tools equipment and machinery
• to enable pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of materials, control systems and processes and to apply them in the design of technological products
• to enable pupils to communicate effectively using a range of methods including ICT
• to enable pupils to use a wide range of skills in the manipulation of materials, tools and other equipment to manufacture technological products to a high standard
• to allow pupils to relate their work to real life situations

The Staff & Positions

Subject Leader – Mr. G. Stirling.
Subject Teacher – Mr. N. Meharg.
Subject Technician – Mr. G. Armstrong.


All pupils study Technology and Design at Key Stage 3. Students are offered experience in the following areas: Electronics, mechanisms, pneumatics, graphic communication and ICT. Project work allows the students to use a range of materials, which include wood, metal and plastics.


Assessment throughout the year
This department adheres to and supports the policy for assessment and monitoring. At KS 3 assessment is ongoing and assesses each design and practical project or unit of work. Pupils are always given clear success and marking criteria by which they will be assessed. Each year group will also sit an end of year exam based on subject knowledge an understanding. The end of year report will be an average of all assessments throughout the year.

KS4 & KS5

Pupils have the option of studying GCSE Technology and Design. The CCEA specification is followed. Coursework accounts for 60% of the course and consists of a Design Assignment worth 20% and a major design and manufacture project worth 40%. Two examination papers account for the remaining 40%. The Core paper 20% and Product Design paper 20%


Assessment throughout the course
Coursework / controlled assessment (with dates / timings)
Assessment for GCSE Technology and Design.


Content Assessment Weighting Availability
Unit 1:
Technology and Design Core.
Externally assessed written paper.
Examination lasts 1 hour.
20% May
Year 11
Unit 3:Product Design Externally assessed written paper.
Examination lasts 1 hour.
20% May
Year 12
Unit 4:
Design Assignment
Controlled Assessment 1 A set design assignment. Teachers mark the assignment and it is externally moderated. 20% January
Year 11
Unit 5:Design Project Controlled assessment 2 A set design project.
Element 2: Product Design and Manufacturing.
Teachers mark the project and it is externally moderated.
40% Year 11/12
Finish April
Year 12


The table above summarises the structure of this GCSE course. Students must be assessed on units 1, 3, 4 and 5.

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